Over 200 hours community service for drink driving

A man who drove drunk while already disqualified is to complete 240 hours community service in lieu of 10 months in jail.

“Do your stuff or do your sentences,” was Judge Timothy Lucey’s advice to the man who has also been banned for 10 years after he pleaded guilty to drink driving on two separate occasions.

Superintendent John Gantly described how John Killian, 79 Ashfield, Mullingar was seen veering across the road in his blue BMW on the Dublin road coming towards Mullingar in the early hours of January 28 this year.

A breath test showed the 40-year-old had 65mg alcohol per 100ml breath.

In August of last year he was also stopped, this time at a mandatory alcohol checkpoint on the Lynn Road, just before midnight on August 26.

When tested at Mullingar Garda Station, he showed a concentration of 42mg alcohol/100ml breath.

Mr Louis Kiernan told the court that the Probation Service considered him suitable for community service.

Because he also had no insurance as he was disqualified at the time, Judge Lucey imposed five month sentences for drink driving and having no insurance on one charge and ordered that these be concurrent.

He imposed a consecutive five month sentence for the other drink driving charge, but gave the opportunity of 120 hours community service in each case.


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