‘Mullingart’ to drape town in colour

From traditional to cutting edge artists, there is an opportunity for everyone to get involved when the ‘Mullingart’ event kicks off later this summer.

The colourful new art initiative will see Mullingar town turned into an art gallery to showcase the work of artists from every walk of life, cultural background, and level of ability in businesses across the town.

The brainchild of Don Mortell of the Westmeath Environment Group, the event will give local artists the opportunity to produce a work of art on the theme of the environment and to have their works displayed in shop windows, and later in a week-long exhibition in the town.

Don says the aim of the project is to bring the community together and to involve as many local people as possible in a new type of event.

“It is something to galvanise the community. It is not just for people with fine arts degrees, but anyone with any talent. The talent is out there but it has never really been realised.

“There will always be art exhibitions, but I’m not sure if it has been done in this format before. I would love this to be a template for other events. It will bring fun and colour to the town.”

He added that he would love to see some of the ‘new Irish’ living the area getting involved.

“The only restriction is the subject matter, and that is the environment. There is a very broad canvas, from traditional to cutting edge art, from wood carvers to sculptors. There was a sudden rush of interest when it was announced,” he said.

Mr Mortell is also in discussion with the county’s arts officer Catherine Kelly to tie the event in with Westmeath Culture Day which takes place on September 24.

All the organising group ask is that the piece reflects the theme of the event (the environment ), that the artist is local to Mullingar, and the work is delivered in a ‘ready to hang/display’ condition. The closing date for submissions is Wednesday August 4 2010.

Local shops and other businesses with window space are also being asked to get in touch with the organisers to volunteer window space for the exhibition.

For interviews or further information please contact Don Mortell, Mullingart project manager, on (087 ) 6116883 or email [email protected].


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