Over €6,000 in fines after Grange feud

Fourteen suspended sentences, €6,550 in fines, and €400 in charitable donations were the orders handed down by Judge Olann Kelleher arising out of the Grange feud incident of May 2008 which happened just weeks before the infamous Dalton Park riot.

The men before the court had more than 300 previous convictions between them.

Those given six month sentences for their role in the stand-off and attack can have their sentences activated if they are convicted of any further offence in the next year.

This differs from the suspended sentences handed down in the Circuit Court for the Dalton Park riot which can only be activated if further feud related activity takes place in the next three years.

Two men who had slash hooks on the night will have their cases struck out if they make a €200 donation each to charity. Neither has a previous conviction.

These were Patrick Nevin (24 ), 23 Grange Lawns, who was seen running at Paddy Dinnegan’s van, and Bernard Ward (28 ) of Glenview Park, Ash Lane, Sligo who had been visiting his in-laws on the day and was described as being “in the wrong place at the wrong time”.

Willie Dinnegan (41 ) of 4 St Joseph’s Terrace got a six month suspended sentence for possession of a two-and-a-half foot length of timber and so did Mark Donoghue of 29 Cathedral View who was seen with a six-foot length of timber.

Those given six month suspended sentences for threatening behaviour include Joseph Dinnegan (40 ) Mill House, Canal Avenue; Patrick Groome (20 ), 1 Grange Heights; Colm Donoghue (22 ), 3 Old Ballinderry; Joe Donoghue (28 ), 29 Cathedral View; John Donoghue (29 ), 29 Cathedral View; Michael Dinnegan (44 ), 45 Grange Heights; Thomas Donoghue (21 ), 26 Springfield; and Jamie Dinnegan (19 ), 242 Dalton Park.

The following were fined for threatening, abusive behaviour: Jim Dinnegan (47 ), 4 St Joseph’s Cottages; Seán Dinnegan, 292 Dalton Park; Patrick Dinnegan (64 ), 4 St Joseph’s Cottages; Aaron Donoghue (20 ), 29 Cathedral View; Anthony Dinnegan, Macetown, Cloghan; Oliver Dinnegan (34 ), Mill House, Canal Avenue; Thomas Donoghue (53 ), 110 Newtown Lawns; John Dinnegan (51 ), Rathconrath; Bernard Dunne (26 ), 46 Cathedral View; David Nevin (26 ), 31 Grange Heights; Joseph Dinnegan (43 ), 4 St Joseph’s Cottages; Paul Dinnegan (30 ), 4 St Joseph’s Cottages; and Peter Dinnegan (30 ) 16 Ennell Court.

The owner of 27 Grange Meadows, 47-year-old Willie Donoghue, was “less culpable” than others before the court, the sergeant said, pointing out that his home had been taken over. However the prosecution against him was not dropped and he was fined €150 for threatening behaviour.

The only woman to be convicted was Bridget Groome of 1 Grange Heights who was described by Sgt Mulvey as being “out of control” on the night for a number of hours.

The separated mother of five was fined €200. She has no previous convictions.

Thomas Dinnegan (36 ) of 143 Raithín is pleading not guilty to possession of a hatchet and other offences, and his case will be heard in September.



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