Judge recalls professional past as he welcomes new solicitor

Judge John Neilan has said that the legal profession is a very demanding one now.

“It is right that the public demand a professional service,” he said, but added that things were very different in his day.

“Now you have the sense that people don’t come to their solicitor seeking advice, they come saying what they want done and they want it done yesterday at 5pm.”

The judge said people get their ideas “from the Internet or the Irish Times” because they hear that “a particular person got a particular reward” and they want to know why can’t they.

“It’s very different to my early experience,” he said, pointing out that clients then might or might not have decided to even come to court.

Now the climate is “very difficult,” he said, “for the legal profession, and everyone in the country or possibly on planet earth”.

He made his comments as a new solicitor joined the ranks at Mullingar District Court and he added to the warm welcome for Ms Patricia Shaw.

She was introduced by Mr Robert Marren as a “very competent solicitor” who had completed her apprenticeship with JA Shaw in Mullingar and studied at Blackhall Place and UCD.

He said it was a pleasure to introduce her to the court.

Inspector Jarlath Folan assured Ms Shaw of the help of Gardaí in her future dealings and this was echoed by the Probation Service and the Courts Service.

Judge Neilan said he had no doubt but that Ms Shaw would carry on the Shaw name by continuing with the same professionalism. He wished her well and said he hoped her new career would bring her rewards.

Ms Shaw thanked everyone and said she is looking forward to a long career at Mullingar District Court.


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