Too drunk to remember where home was

A man who was so drunk he was unable to tell a taxi driver where he lives has been fined €200 for public intoxication.

The taxi man approached gardaí at 2.30am on February 7 this year on Oliver Plunkett Street after he had taken David Barrett of Portloman, Mullingar as a fare.

The 25-year-old had not been able to tell him where he lived.

Mr Louis Kiernan said his client, an electrician who lives at home with his parents, had little recollection of the incident but was highly embarrassed.

He had been at a boxing event that continued later than he expected and he had simply drunk more than he intended, Mr Kiernan said when the judge suggested that Barrett had been using some other substance.

Judge Neilan asked Barrett to consider what would happen if he was to “fall, slip or asphyxiate on your own vomit”.


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