Work for a cleaner environment with Soltec

Soltec Ltd is the only waste Solvent recycling company based in Ireland. Licensed by the Environmental Protection Agency and located in Mullingar, Soltec has been working for a cleaner environment for some 15 years.

The company, was established in 1994 to specialise in the recovery of waste solvent. Soltec is leading the way in biodiesel production, by supplying companies with recycled chemicals used in the production of biodiesel. Biodiesel is a renewable fuel produced from methanol and waste cooking oil from the catering industry. Biodiesel has being demonstrated to have significant benefits in terms of decreased global warming impacts, reduced emissions, greater energy independence, and a positive impact on agriculture. One kg of biodiesel leads to the reduction of some 3kg of CO2 (65 - 90 per cent less than conventional diesel ).

It is a cost effective alternative to conventional diesel and it can save fleet owners up to 10 per cent on their fuel bill. Biodiesel is a win-win for both the Environment and the consumer. Using biodiesel is an excellent way for companies across the country to show customers that they are environmentally responsible.

For more information on how biodiesel can not only help the environment, but your company, contact Soltec Ltd on (044 ) 9345248 or log on to



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