Judge postpones driving ban

A man has told Mullingar District Court that he will not abuse a postponement of his drink driving disqualification.

Fergus Bracken pleaded guilty to drink driving after a breath test following a single vehicle accident on January 28 indicated a reading of 84mg alcohol/100ml breath.

Mr Louis Kiernan said his client had met someone about a job and had foolishly decided to drive home afterwards.

The loss of his licence would have “serious consequences” for Mr Bracken who had “never been in trouble before,” he said.

Mr Bracken requested the postponement of the disqualification to give him time to find someone to drive his van. He is currently working in Portlaoise, he told the court, and said he had learned his lesson.

He said he has had no car since he crashed it but needs his van for work.

“Fortunately no one was injured,” commented the judge as he granted the postponement to December 1 and fined Mr Bracken €300 as well as disqualifying him for three years.


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