Judge voices concerns over guns at game fair

Judge John Neilan’s concerns about the presence and use of guns at a country fair were allayed at the recent sitting of Mullingar District Court.

“People who are shotgun owners are without fault on their character,” organiser William Beckett told the judge as part of a licence application made for the event which took place last weekend.

The event, which ran from 9am to 6pm, featured fishing, shooting, gun dogs, and archery.

However it was the “mechanism regarding the guns” which was of interest to the judge.

Mr Beckett, who told the court he has 14 years’ experience in organising events like the game and country fair, said the clay pigeon shooting was being organised by a specialised team and was “very highly regulated”.

When asked about the possible noise levels which might cause a disturbance to those in the neighbourhood, Mr Beckett said he had their support.

“The local community are very much in support of the event in the area.”

The licence was granted to Thomas McGowan.


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