Man in debt ordered to make payments

A man with an apartment in Bulgaria and debts totalling more than €300,000 has been ordered to make instalment payments of €100 per month each to two companies.

Mr Oliver O’Sullivan representing the two companies said both matters had been going on for a long time and didn’t “appear to be getting anywhere”.

He said there was a debate about the man’s eligibility for social welfare and an apartment in Bulgaria and he had agreed to be in court to answer questions.

However, Mr Louis Kiernan said his client had not been able to appear because his wife was at a funeral in England and he was looking after their children.

Mr O’Sullivan said that it “doesn’t appear as if the information is going to be forthcoming” and there was a desire to bring some element of finality” to the situation.

“The difficulty all along is that the statement of means was only produced at a very late stage. It was indicated that there are queries and the debtor has failed to address them,” he said.

On the basis of the information supplied to the court, the judge made the two instalment orders to the construction related companies, one of which is owed over €92,000, while the other is owed more than €85,000.


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