Youth fails to tell parents of court appearance

A youth who has just finished his Leaving Certificate admitted to Judge John Neilan that his parents didn’t know he was in court facing public order charges.

“Prepare for a dressing down,” advised the judge who added “don’t come back before this court again or you’re going to St Pat’s.”

Daniel Lee of 16 Newbrook Grove was arrested at 3.10am on June 19 after Gardaí were called to a row outside Abrakebabra on Pearse Street.

He was one of two males on the street and was intoxicated and kicking another man.

“I was just drunk,” replied the 18-year-old when asked to account for his behaviour, and admitted he had been drinking in Spin.

“It’s interesting,” said the judge, adding “there’s an obligation on all licensees not to sell intoxicating liquor to people who are seriously intoxicated.”

The teenager said he had just finished school ,where he said the dangers of alcohol had been explained by his teachers and principal, and would be going to college in September.

When he appeared vague in his knowledge about St Patrick’s Institution and that he could be given detention for one of the offences before the court, the judge advised him it was “a tough institution” for boys between 16 and 21.

“There’s a large majority from the Dublin Metropolitan area who see it as the Dublin Hilton or Sheraton,” he said.

“They don’t like young fellows like you coming up.”

Applying the Probation Act, he said he was concerned the boy hadn’t told his parents.

Speaking in general he said, “certain people will jump up and down, and the same people don’t even know their children are up in court.”

Yet, he said, “they’re the first to race to Joe Duffy regarding how the courts, the Gardaí, etc let their children down.”

Nobody minds people having a drink, added the judge, saying “young people feel they have to fill themselves with drink to the gills before they can have any conversation with anyone. “


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