Judge concerned over Dalton rioters’ bail

Judge John Neilan has expressed concerns that the bail structure imposed on those involved in the Dalton Park riot may be unravelling.

“The structure of bail is very volatile and the court is concerned that it not be undermined,” he said.

“Will the whole structure of bail unravel to a situation where there is mayhem?” he asked.

He made the statements when one of those charged with violent disorder arising out of the riot was before him in connection with a dispute involving more than 15 people at another housing estate in the town.

Gardaí were called to the estate during the weekend where video evidence shows that a number were involved in the dispute with some of them using weapons. One man was seen throwing stones at a vehicle.

“Regarding the Dalton Park incident, the court has endeavoured to accommodate all defendants to bring about maximum stability,” said the judge.

“Garda Loftus says there may be fifteen plus involved. That would suggest the structure of bail is somewhat unravelling. Once the first thread breaks off, it’s difficult to see where it will all end up.”

He was assured by the defendant's solicitor that in compliance with previous bail conditions there were no more than two members of the man’s family present.

Bail was granted when an independent surety was approved by the court and lodged €1,000 cash, and his own surety of €1,000 was also lodged.

The defendant’s bail conditions were altered to amend the curfew that he stay indoors between 4pm and 8am at his address.

Judge Neilan said he would grant Gardaí liberty to re-enter charges in limited circumstances and on notice to the accused.

He said that because of the numbers involved, he was keen that everything be done “with our i’s dotted and our t’s crossed”. 



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