Man chased to Garda station over football dispute

“He might try the front door next time,” quipped Judge John Neilan as he gave a Scottish man the benefit of the Probation Act after he turned up drunk at the back of Mullingar Garda Station.

Garda Freyne told the court that Stephen Robertson, who gave an address of 186 Dalton Park had been involved in a dispute with rival fans following a football match he had watched in a pub.

“The amount of drink on board” led him into the rear of the Garda Station where he was chased and “sought refuge”.

The Garda admitted the dispute had been between Celtic and Rangers fans.

Mr Robertson’s father lives in Ireland and he had been visiting at the time.

He was not in court to hear a trespass charge against him withdrawn and the judge’s suggestion that in future, he try the station’s front door.



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