Are you the next Brian O’Driscoll?

Mullingar Rugby Club is running their second tag rugby tournament this summer in association with the IRFU.

Tag rugby is one of very few team sports where men and women play on the same team. This year Mullingar Rugby Club is hoping to have a total of 18 teams (250 players ) take part in the tournament which starts on Thursday May 21 and runs through till the end of July.

If you’re curious, but not too sure if tag is for you then try Mullingar Rugby Club’s free try-out tag on Thursday April 30.

Tag rugby venues around the four provinces are in the middle of hosting Try Tag for Free days.

This is an open invitation for anyone to turn up and see for themselves how well Mullingar Rugby Club club runs tag rugby, how much fun the sport is, and get a taster of the summer ahead at this great venue.

Entry to these events, as the title suggests, is of course free-of-charge.

Try Tag for Free day starts at 6.30pm when participants announce their presence to the venue manager and if not in a team, get placed. Tag shorts will be provided on the day. 

They then get the chance to give it a go in one of the continual games that are applicable to their ability. Tag rugby is played annually by thousands of men and women every summer, and caters for players of all ability levels from beginners to advanced.

With the huge growth of Bud Light Tag across Ireland, this year's programme expects to see over 1,000 teams and 12,000 participants at 25 venues across Ireland.

Players, companies, and organisations use tag rugby as a means of keeping fit, team-building, or just as importantly, a great way to have fun both on and off the pitch.

As official IRFU tag rugby clubs, Bud Light Tag venues provide the all-important elements such as great facilities, clubhouse and qualified referees.


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