Yoga can do it — anti dog fouling initiative launched

Mayo County Council is to roll out a new campaign to encourage dog owners to remember to clean up after their dog in public places.

The campaign will see the council install new signs in popular dog walking locations asking dog owners to take part in dog yoga. The signs will say: "Want to start yoga? Start by bending over and picking up your dog poo — Then put it in a bin."

According to the council, dog dirt has become a bigger issue in the last few years, residents’ associations, Tidy Towns groups, and other community groups and the public are encouraged to report incidents of dog fouling.

Most dog owners are aware dog fouling is against the law, but plenty still do not clean it up, according to the council's environmental awareness officer, Sharon Cameron. "Most dog owners are aware dog fouling is against the law and that they are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs when in public areas.

"However, some still think it is not an issue, so we are asking all dog owners to remember, if you bring the dog for a walk, bring a small bag with you to clean up after it, and put the bag either in a litter bin or bring it home."


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