Diversity Mayo aims to reach out

Diversity Mayo has two aims: to enable refugees and vulnerable third country nationals in Mayo to access high-quality information, advocacy, activities, supports and services appropriate to their legal status; and to build the capacity of front-line services to respond to the needs of this target group in a culturally competent way.

Third country nationals refers to people from outside of the EU. People have been migrating to Mayo in increasing numbers over the past 15 years or more. Many come from other EU countries such as Poland and Lithuania. As EU citizens these people have a right to travel and work within the EU, just as Irish people do.

However, for people coming from outside the EU things are a bit more complicated. Once they obtain their right to remain they then have to start settling into society – that means housing, health, education, employment, and cultural activities.

Such people are living in our local communities – they are our neighbours, colleagues, customers, and friends. They regularly need to renew their immigration card, they have to provide copious proofs when seeking to naturalise, and they probably don’t speak English as a first language, so may have difficulty with official documents and forms.

If you are someone from outside the EU who needs this service, or if you know of anyone from outside the EU living in Mayo who may benefit from this service, get in touch or pass on the following contact details: Patricia Quinn, outreach and training officer, call (087 ) 0966560 or email [email protected].


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