New counselling service in Achill Sound

Achill born Aaron Henry has been providing one to one counselling since graduating from the Institute of Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy in 2009. In addition to his early work in the Village Couselling Service in Tallaght. Aaron has also provided counselling services in the Acorn Therapy Centre in Drogheda, and he has worked with clients affected by suicide and those dealing with their own suicidal ideation within the SOSAD Centre in Drogheda.

Aaron Henry has spent the last five years working with Yourtown in Brisbane, Australia, one of the county’s premier behavioural health providers in the social and community sector. The organisation provides 24-hour support, crisis intervention and confidential counselling for young people and adults throughout Australia.

As his time passed in Australia, Aaron began to appreciate both the need and the benefit of such social and community services, which inevitably led him to think about his own original community in Achill, and the possibility of returning and bringing with him his vast experience.

Now he has made the brave step and has just recently opened his counselling practice in Achill Sound. He provides a low cost, one to one counselling service for adults and adolescents. He also provides a house-call service. For appointments call (087 ) 4022640, or visit his website to make a booking.



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