Number of families living in Mayo increased by 468 according to Census

The census that was carried out last year found that there are 33,628 families in Mayo, an increase of 468 (1.4 per cent ) on the 2011 figure, according to the latest release of data collected.

It also found that 37.4 per cent of those aged 15 and over living in the county were single (38,872 people ), which was below the percentage in the State overall (41.1 per cent ).  A further 50,586 people (48.7 per cent ) were (first time ) married, compared to 46 per cent nationally, while there were 1,693 remarried persons in the county. Males were much more likely to remarry after divorce, with 44.1 per cent doing so, compared to just 31.9 per cent of females.  

When it came to divorces the number increased by 402 to 2,784, and accounted for 2.7 per cent of those aged 15 and over. The 6,794 widowed persons comprised 6.5 per cent of those aged above 15 years.    

When it came to same-sex civil partnerships the census last year marked the first time that this relationship category was recorded in an Irish census, following the enactment of civil partnership legislation. There were 66 people in this category in Mayo, and 4,226 in the State overall.

The number of people living alone increased by 633 to 13,676, i.e. 10.7 per cent of all those living in private households. Of these, over four in 10 (5,967 ) were aged 65 and over, with women accounting for 56.3 per cent.  


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