Why Vietnam for your honeymoon

From Saigon, the city of a million motorbikes, to street food in Hanoi and the buffalo working in the paddy fields to sustain another generation of the country’s population, Vietnam’s breadth of cultural experiences is what draws honeymooners to this particular corner of southeast Asia.

Vietnam has an entrenched romance to it, stemming from the food, the history, the temples and the open nature of the people who live there. It also boasts more than 3,400km of coastline with no end of beaches on which to kick back and watch a rather unique world go by, which all combine to make it a fascinating honeymoon destination.

Things for couples to do

(1 ) Cruise to Halong Bay. Journey through the mythical land “where the dragon descends into the sea” and witness the awe-inspiring sight of 2000 tiny islands rising from the emerald and sapphire waters.

(2 ) Visit the city of Hoi An. Arguably Vietnam’s most charming city, Hoi An is lined with colonial buildings, pretty bridges, tasty restaurants, and surprisingly cheap tailors.

(3 ) If you are hoping to add another Eastern destination into the mix, we recommend Cambodia. It's very affordable and easily combined with a Vietnam honeymoon.

(4 ) All the coastal hotels in Vietnam have the knack of providing excellent private dining on the beach, which adds a classic dash of romance to a honeymoon.

(5 ) Turning the concept on its head a little, Fusion Maia in Da Nang, just north of Hoi An, also provides breakfast on the beach, allowing you to enjoy the surroundings of the famous South China beach peacefully, away from the crowds first thing in the morning.

(6 ) Nha Trang was one of Vietnam’s first beach resorts, now a lively place serviced by its own airport. The Six Senses resort is 40 minutes by car then an exhilarating 20 minutes by speedboat. The resort is set on a horseshoe-shaped beach of golden sand with a mountainous backdrop, a true gem for honeymooners.

Best time to visit

Vietnam has a tropical climate characterised by distinct rainy and dry seasons which tend to vary throughout the country, so timing is paramount when planning your Vietnam honeymoon. Vietnam weather tends to be hot and quite humid all year round, however it can get cooler in the north and mountainous areas. 

It’s best to visit the north from November to May, the south from February to May, and the central areas from January to August. Overall, if you are planning on touring the entire country, February to May would be the best time to honeymoon in Vietnam.


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