The Green Peel — a face-lift without surgery

Described as a non-surgical face-lift, you can now enjoy an unbelievable difference in your new younger, fresher-looking, skin after this incredible peel, and it is available here in Mayo.

Over the last few years, dermatology has developed a multitude of non-invasive procedures which optimise appearance almost without any stress or side effects. The Green Peel treatment is a unique herbal peeling treatment to improve the structure of the skin and reverse the events of ageing and years of poor management.

It was medically developed and has been used successfully in cosmetic institutes and skin-care centres all over the world. Green Peel has had great results in the treatment of wrinkles, premature ageing, sun-damaged skin, skin impurities, acne-enlarged pores, stretch marks, and for some types of scarring.

The products are made from natural root plants and herbs and the results are the same as a chemical peel, without the after-effects. Each peeling process takes a period of five days from the time of application of the herbal peel to the skin until the peeling on the upper layers of the epidermis occurs. Only specialists understand the complex skin organ and the broad spectrum of possible new therapies

This treatment is available throughout Ireland, (exclusively through the Skin Specialist ). Contact Berni Fahy on 086 222 0125 to book your appointment.


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