A-Chill Refrigeration, getting it done

A-Chill has over 20 years combined experience in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry While learning their trade it was very apparent to the guys from A-Chill that while customers were seeking high quality workmanship, reliability was just as important. This is what they brought to A-Chill to make them stand apart from their competitors.

All the guys at A-Chill have strong customer service backgrounds, both in retail and hospitality; they understand the importance of returning calls promptly, the value of genuine advice, and respect your right as the customer to have confidence that you will see us when we say we will be there.

They are committed to building A-Chill into a thriving business with a solid reputation for being reliable, honest and approachable, and offering the highest standard of workmanship and customer value. There seemed no better place than Ireland to build long-term customer relationships and to become an active part of the local community.

At A-Chill they have the knowledge, skill and experience to work with chill rooms, freezer rooms, commercial air conditioning, ice machines, beverage and beer systems, glass-washers, kitchen refrigeration and all types of refrigerated cabinets. They also design, supply and install HRV units. They offer refrigeration and air conditioning maintenance contracts and service contracts to businesses across the west of Ireland. Since A-Chill started trading a year ago they have being growing our customer base with a customer base of 60+ and continuing to grow each week.

Safe drinking water from A-Chill

A-Chill also bring you safe drinking water in your home with their water filtration kits. It is because the water in our home does not meet our palates that too many people are still buy bottled water. Fortunately, these days are over. Installing Profine®kit for drinking water you ensure yourself that the water of you tap is good everyday of the year. More and more families are choosing Profine® filtered water. The cartridges are inexpensive and need only be changed once per year *: when the LED of the tap turns red. Moreover, their use allows to eliminate thousands of plastic bottles that are transported every day in our streets!

If you would like to discuss our products and services you can contact us on the following telephone numbers: Rory: (086 ) 1240128 or Darran (087 ) 3873372, check out their website at www.achillrefridgeration.ie



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