A pampering treat to remember at Breaffy Spa

Who doesn’t love a day of pampering and what better way to do it than in a gorgeous spa. The Breaffy House Resort is one of my absolute favourite spas and not only does it boast first class treatments, you are warmly welcomed by Shauna and her brilliant team of experts and made to feel that their treatments were designed specifically for you. I booked myself in for a package of three treatments. I was met with a big smile from my therapist Helen who brought me to the Rasul Mud Chamber where I was provided with a gown, slippers and towels. The Rasul Mud Chamber is a tranquil pod with dim lighting and a star ceiling.

The heated seats are divine and this beautifully decorated chamber was the first ever in the country. It can accommodate four at a time. Once I had applied the de-toxifying mud I sat back, relaxed and let the mud do its job. When the treatment ends you are showered from the ceiling and then slip into your soft robe for the next treatment. My skin felt luxuriously soft after the mud's natural properties. From there I was brought into the massage room which was beautifully decorated and the heated bed, aromas of the Elemis oils and magic hands of Helen made this a fabulous experience. The back, neck and shoulder massage was a delight and I really did wonder why I don't do this more often. Any muscular aches I went in with slowly disappeared.

From there I was brought to the Dry Floatation Room where I nestled into a warm water bed and wrapped in luxurious fluffy blankets. I was left there to relax, unwind, fall asleep and float away. When Helen came in to wake me from my slumber she then invited me to take some time in the relaxation room. Its dreamy and warm atmosphere almost made me want to stay there for the day.

Mini muffins, fresh strawberries and water awaited me there. The treats were followed by a glass of prosecco. There's a lot more to Breaffy House Hotel Spa - it's food for the soul, the staff are treasures and I can only say this is something you don't want to miss.

The treatments will last two hours in total or longer if you'd like to use the pool, jacuzzi and sauna/steam room facilities before or after the treatments. Bring a friend or two or go it alone - you will enjoy it either way. Sometimes we just have to be nice to ourselves and I highly recommend it.

To arrange your appointment you can contact Shauna and her team on 094 90044160 or email [email protected]. The normal price for this package is €110 but you can avail of this for the month of July for just €80 per person or €75 per person if you bring a friend.


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