Getting to the core of the youth music scene in Ballina

Since Music Generation Mayo's latest programme 'The Core' opened its doors in November 2016 it has been a bustling hive of musical activity. With over 30 (and counting ) active members from across the county using the rehearsal facility, taking part in camps, industry workshops, regular performance opportunities such as monthly open mics, facebook live events and showcases.

The Core is delighted to announce The Core Stage at the Ballina Salmon Festival, which will take place from Saturday, July 9 to Sunday, July 16. There will be daily concerts featuring the talented members of The Core and the various Music Generation Mayo programmes. The stage will also feature young performers from throughout Mayo as The Core aims to provide a platform for young local musicians. An open call to performers has gone out and the deadline for applying is Friday, May 26. Non members of The Core can simply apply to perform on or contact [email protected] or call (087 ) 7485954.

The Core will also be hosting its fifth open mic night on Monday, May 22 in the Ballina Arts Centre from 6pm to 8pm. The Core open mic is a monthly event where the mezzanine area of the Ballina Arts Centre is transformed into a vibrant and intimate performance space. The stage is open to young musicians and performers aged 12 to 18 and can accommodate full bands! It's a fantastic opportunity to meet like minded musical people from across the county and get experience performing in front an attentive and appreciative audience. It's also an opportunity to meet members of The Core, get a tour of the rehearsal/recording space and even sign up to become a member yourself. As always, friends and family are more than welcome to come along. Non members can simply sign up to perform on or contact [email protected] or by calling (087 ) 7485954.


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