Self-Publishing Seminar at Castlebar Library

Anyone with an interest in writing or with just an idea for a book should attend an exciting seminar on self-publishing to held in Castlebar Library this week. It will take place on Wednesday evening at 8pm. The seminar is based on Alex Blackwell’s book Self-Publishing for Success; Every book deserves to be published, which was recently launched at [email protected] in Louisburgh.

Self-published author and printing professional Alex Blackwell will provide insights into today’s new and exciting self-publishing world. He will give a taste of what may or may not work for an author. He also will provide tips on what it takes to successfully self-publish a book.

Alex has many years of experience in printing, having developed short-run book printing at the marketing and printing operation in which he was a partner in the United States. When print-on-demand was introduced, he embarked on a journey of writing, editing, designing and producing books that he and his wife co-wrote. Having published nine titles now in three genres and in both Print-on-Demand and eBook formats, he has distilled his knowledge into this instructional and highly useful manual for aspiring authors who wish to self-publish.

Book publishing has changed radically in the past decade. Self-publishing, the alternative to the traditional route, was previously an expensive option. Short-run book printers needed to produce a minimum of 50 copies at a significant cost per book or even much higher quantities which then created a storage dilemma. In either case, these books had to be sold or sent out one copy at a time, a process involving considerable time and expense on the author’s part.

With Print-on-Demand technology and online digital marketing, the up-front costs are no longer prohibitive. Getting a book published is now something everyone can achieve. Today one can upload digital files of a finished and formatted book at little or no cost. It is then listed on the likes of Amazon who print and sell one copy at a time. An e-store can also be posted where the author may sell the book directly. Review or gift copies of the title can be ordered from the supplier at very low costs.

Yes, your work deserves to be published and is worthy of being read. Yes, you can find an audience. And yes, you do have options to successfully create your masterpiece.

For more information, visit Self-Publishing for Success is available on amazon worldwide. The seminar is in Castlebar Library on Wednesday May 10 at 8pm. All are welcome and the event is free.


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