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Carrying excess weight especially in the upper body region can have very serious consequences for our health and wellbeing and many people really struggle to shed this excess weight and keep it off.

There are a number of factors here that may be preventing this, such as: thyroid issues which oftentimes are the root cause of many chronic diseases, prescription over the counter medications, adrenal glands producing too much cortisol, and chronic stress among them.

The biggest culprit in all of this according to Mayo Acupressure Clinic is metabolic syndrome. When it comes to losing weight and keeping it off, most people are what is called 'insulin resistant' without even being aware of it. This is where insulin is produced by the pancreas. Its job is to shove the fat and sugar that you have absorbed from your food intake and then push those calories into muscle cells. This does not happen if you are insulin resistant. The pancreas pumps out larger quantities of insulin in order to bring your blood sugar levels down, therefore higher insulin levels means higher fat storage. This excess fat is usually stored in the waistline and upper body.

There are very serious health problems associated with high insulin levels such as heart attack/disease, stroke, high blood pressure, type one and type two diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, gallstones, and sleep apnea due to shallow breathing and lack of oxygen in the blood.

This is where acupressure treatment can help. This is a safe non-invasive, natural and highly effective approach to taking care of your health. It enables you to tap into your own body’s healing ability. Acupressure is not just effective for weight loss but also for other chronic conditions such as respiratory/bacterial infections, stress, trauma, digestive issues, low immunity, acid reflux, sinus, fluid retention, rotator cuff issues, juvenile arthritis and, ADD/ADHD. With acupressure there are no needles, medications, diets or pills.

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