Motivation Weight Management slow cooked tandoori chicken

We are all so busy nowadays that planning evening meals that are enjoyable and interesting can easily drop down the priority list. However we need to eat, and we all benefit from good nutrition, both in terms of how we look and how we feel, and most importantly to maintain optimum physical and mental wellness. Longevity is the key, staying well because we live well, not just when we are inspired to engage in a health kick. Often food tastes better when the flavours of the ingredients have time to infuse, so the slow cooking method can produce a delightfully tasty meal with only 10 to 15 minutes prep that morning or the evening before. There is often resistance from people to engage in a weight loss programme because they have the belief that there is too much effort required in cooking, and they will not be able to commit to it. This belief is unfounded says Motivation Weight Management.

There are hundreds of easy, fast, fresh, wholesome, meals that require so little in terms of effort, but offer so much in terms of dense nutrition, helping you and your family to stay well, and enjoy the benefits of weight management without any feelings of deprivation. Why not try this easy chicken tandoori, spices are so easy to use and offer so much more than flavour, each one benefiting our internal organs in one way or another.

For it you will need: Four chicken fillets cut in half, one cup natural yoghurt, the juice of one lime, two teaspoons tomato puree, one garlic clove, crushed, half a teaspoon ground ginger, one tablespoon chopped fresh ginger (optional ), half a teaspoon ground cumin, two tablespoons paprika, one tablespoon garam masala, a quarter of a teaspoon of hot chilli pepper, and a good pinch of salt. And for serving you will need some fresh coriander to garnish, and plain, wholegrain, or cauliflower rice.

To prepare, cut the fillets in half, long ways, place in slow cooker or casserole dish with lid on. Then mix together all the remaining ingredients and spoon over the chicken, turn the pieces over so they are covered completely. Then cover and cook in the oven at 150 – 160 degrees for two hours or slow cooker for four to six hours on low until chicken is tender. Lift out chicken and serve topped with fresh coriander and rice of your choice. Simple as that.


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