€10.5 million collected in LPT in Mayo

Last week the Revenue Commissioners released the compliance and financial returns for the local property tax (LPT ) for 2016, the headline figure for Mayo was that €10.5 million was paid in the LPT in the county. That figure represents a compliance rate of 95.9 per cent in Mayo. Nationally the compliance rate was around 97 per cent.

There were 58,300 homes registered for the LPT in Mayo, almost 24,500 or 42 per cent of the homes had been valued by their owners at being under €100,000, while around 22,900 or 39.3 per cent of the homes were valued at being between €100,000 and €150,000. Just over 8,200 (14.1 per cent ) had been valued at between €150,000 and €200,000. The highest valuation band is over €300,000 and just around 580 (one per cent ) properties were valued at this rate by their owners. When it came to exemptions to the properties liable for the LPT, there were 1,400 exemptions and 1,300 deferrals in Mayo.



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