Bringing the best new music to the stage and the web

Music promoter and booker Finbar Hoban pictured in Castlebar launching a new website The new music and news site will give local musicians and artists an online space to network, as well as promoting live shows in the county town. Photo: Michael Quinn.

He has been bringing original live music to Castlebar for the best part of a decade and now Finbar Hoban is looking to expand on that with his newly revamped website Hoban told us what people can expect from it.

“Firstly, I wanted something that was fresh, easy to look at, and most of all engaging," he said. "That old website had done its job, but it's now time for something new. The most exciting part about the website, for me, is the new radio player feature on it.

“This new radio player will give me an opportunity to showcase new, original, exciting, and fresh music from local talent who might not be able to get the exposure elsewhere. That could be a 16-year-old writing their first songs and afraid to put them out there, but if they send it in to me and it’s good enough we can add it to the radio player and get them some exposure, it might even get them a spot on a bill one night. There is no particular genre of music we are exclusive to, as long as it's good and its original we’ll consider it.

“Since we started putting on shows in Castlebar it really has taken off, the intention was always to give a platform for live original acts to perform and gain an audience. We watched it grow over the last few years and it's given people something else to look forward to. You don't have to trek all the way to Galway to find something different and interesting. And that was the main aim of this from the start, to bring some life and excitement to Castlebar, that I felt was missing for a long time.”


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