Get painting 'En plein air' this June

Listed in The Irish Times as number eight in its list of 50 Things To Do in Ireland This Summer, a free open-air painting/sketching event for adults takes place in Castlebar on Saturday June 18 from 11am to 5pm.

The Linenhall invites all artists and artistic ‘dabblers’ to come out painting ‘en plein air’ in the environs of Castlebar. ‘Plein air’ is simply a French term for painting outdoors. Painters and sketchers of all standards are invited to meet up at the Linenhall Arts Centre Coffee Shop at 11am on Saturday June 18, before heading out and painting a scene (or scenes ) of their choice. This is a self-directed event, not a taught workshop, and is co-ordinated by Plein Eire West member Noelle Angley.

There is no competition, your artistic results won’t be judged. It is a day out painting for the sheer enjoyment of it. This event presents the perfect opportunity to meet up with other painters, brave it out into public space, and capture the character and beauty of Castlebar town using paint, ink, pastels, or even just pencil. Painters can choose to meet up again at lunchtime, and should reconvene at 5pm at the Linenhall for a coffee to show their work and share experiences of the day. Depending on the level of attendance, an exhibition of works may be arranged for a later date in the Linenhall foyer.

What to bring: easel, chair (optional ), with oil/acrylic/watercolour/pastel paints (white, blue, red, yellow minimum ), canvas/board/paper, brushes, turpentine/water, palette etc. Sketchers need only bring a sketchbook and pencils/charcoal. In case of inclement weather, please bear in mind that there are lots of ways to attach your umbrella to your easel, and the town is full of archways and canopies. Suitable areas of shelter will also be identified around the town.

Plein Air paint-out is a free event and takes place on Saturday June 18 starting at 11am at the Linenhall Arts Centre. To give the organisers a sense of numbers, they would appreciate if those planning to attend would book in advance. Booking and further information from the Linenhall by calling (094 ) 9023733.


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