Hike to freedom this Easter Sunday

This Easter Monday at 10am the Nephin Beggars Hill Walking group and the Wild Nephin Mountains Group will be taking a trip back in time to May 1921 to the aftermath of the Kilmeanna ambush where Michael Kilroy's West Mayo flying column retreated to the safety of the Nephin mountains after an attack on a large force of British soldiers.

On hand they will have relatives of members of the column and locals whose forefathers and foremothers looked after the men and led them to safety through the mountains despite hundreds of soldiers, RIC and Black and Tans combing the area searching and terrorising the locals for the location of the West Mayo brigade.

The day begins outside Brannan's Bar in Newport at 10am where local taxis will bring walkers to Skirdagh, the village outside Newport where the volunteers retreated to all those years ago. From there they will have a reading of the proclamation and an account of the events from the War of Independence in the area of that time from some of the locals as they follow the trail around 3km to 4km in distance that was used by the volunteers. After some light refreshments, again in line with what was around in 1921, it is off to the mountains (or those who wish can return to Newport at this point by taxis provided ).

Along the way on the hike to Birreencorragh (695m ) it is down to Letterkeen to the bothy where we you have home made boxty for all and again taxis will bring everyone back to Newport. Later that evening there will be Irish music and singsong in Brannans and a (real ) traditional Irish stew buffet. As places are limited anyone wishing to attend this historic event is asked to contact John at (087 ) 6391777 or message the Wild Nephin Mountains or Nephin Beggers on Facebook, or email [email protected]. Also there will be a small fee required to cover the cost for taxis, food, and music for the day. This is a non political event to remember all who sacrificed so much for us, and all are welcome.


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