Pauline Dixon: now offering intuitive psychic readings

Pauline Dixon is the eldest of a family of five, raised on a farm in Mayo. On leaving school she headed off on a journey of self-discovery to the USA where she studied nursing and later trained in Barbara Ann Brennan's Healing School where the energetic dynamic of disease is investigated.

Ms Dixon married this teaching with her nursing and natural psychic and intuitive gifts. She is now an expert in assisting people to release blockages that impede them from expressing their love and zest for life. After 28 years in New York, she realised that it was time to come home. So with the wisdom gleaned from her life experience and learning, she has now returned to her native land and county to be of service, holding a heart-centred space with a non-judgmental mind for anyone who wishes to enter.

A quote from one of her best teachers, Dennis Curran, sums up her practical approach: "If you don't care and you don't share, your life will be bare.” Pauline Dixon has a variety of clients from all walks of life who come seeking her guidance in dealing with personal issues. In addition to doing psychic readings, she also facilitates people in addressing depression, anxiety, relationship challenges and feeling stuck in life.

As Emily Belfrage, one of her clients, noted: “I was a bit apprehensive when I went to see Pauline. I didn’t know what to expect. The drive to her house is like a pilgrimage in itself as it is up the top of a mountain with spectacular views. I noticed the air was crisp and damp and clean being so high up. Her Pyrenees mountain dog, Kali, greeted me at the gate as if it had been waiting for me. I was instantly put at ease by Pauline who has brought the New York glamour back with her.

"I can honestly say that she is a natural born psychic as she was able to pick up on lots of things that were going on for me at the time and was able to put a new fresh slant on things in a way I hadn’t seen before. I left feeling renewed and full of new hope that I hadn’t had when I arrived.”

Pauline Dixon is now offering intuitive psychic readings at her home in Mayo. She has some great offers for those of you who would like to treat yourself or a loved one to a reading that will guide and advance them in life. A reading from Pauline would be the perfect special and unique gift for 2016 to that special friend or member of your family. You can contact Pauline on (089 ) 4708210.


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