Slow the effects of Alzheimer’s and dementia with acupuncture

Alzheimer's disease involves the shrinkage of frontal or temporal lobes and nerve cell death in several areas of the brain. This leads to a loss of key functions such as memory loss, impaired learning ability and concentration. Depression and anxiety can also accompany this debilitating condition.

Chinese medicine, especially acupuncture, can lower or delay these brain changes. It works by inserting small disposable needles into specific acupuncture points in the brain, which stimulates nerve regeneration and brain function. This method has been known to increase a patient’s verbal and motor skills and improve mood and cognitive function.

In China acupuncture is widely used in the treatment of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. For example the Chinese practitioners on Care Cure clinics use this method combined with acupressure and Chinese herbs to provide healing and rejuvenation for these patients.

Recent studies show that the effects of two important acupuncture points on the brains of Alzheimer's patients can enhance the hippocampal connectivity in these patients.

Chinese herbs are also beneficial to patients suffering from this disease, in particular ginkgo biloba, an ancient herb that can help the mind stay sharp and strengthen memory.

If Alzheimer’s or dementa has happened to you or you have a history of this disease in your family, then do not lose hope. Pop into your local Care Cure acupuncture clinic to avail of a free consultation or call 091 539996/086 2159282 for further details. Clinics are located in Galway city, Loughrea, and Tuam.


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