Dannolla's is backing Mayo Cancer Support

Giving back to the community is something that is important for businesses to do, Liam and Patjoe O'Connell from Danolla's in Castlebar and Westport is firmly of that thinking. So on Wednesday December 2, Danolla's are holding a special fundraising day for Mayo Cancer Support where, when you buy any meal during the day, the company will donate half the cost of that meal to Mayo Cancer Support.

Patjoe explained the thinking behind their decision to do this. "It's important for businesses to get involved with the community and charity events, and something like cancer touches all of us," he said. "I myself lost my mother to cancer earlier this year and I felt that this would be a very worthy cause to get behind. The people in Mayo Cancer Support and Rock Rose House do fantastic work with people who've been affected by cancer and their families, so this is something where we can give back something and say thank you and to help them with their fantastic work in the community."

On the day everyone who buys a meal in Danolla's for their lunch, dinner, or as a take-away, will see half of the cost of that meal being donated to Mayo Cancer Support, so along with getting a delicious, fresh and home cooked meal, your money will go towards helping out Mayo Cancer Support which, at Rock Rose House, provides a range services including counselling sessions and relaxation therapies. From a medical perspective, these additional services are most welcome and assist in the normal recovery of patients at various stages throughout their cancers. The services provided at Rock Rose House are considered therefore to be complementary to conventional medical and surgical therapies. Counselling sessions provide additional support to people at a most vunerable time. This ensures that a listening environment is made available to people outside of a strictly medical environment and this can be very helpful in its own way.

So mark the date in your diary, Wednesday December 2, and get along to Danolla's for some great food and making a difference to a great organisation.


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