Grainne O’Reilly exhibition of winter paintings

This series of works by Grainne O'Reilly is a continuation of personal memory of place, locations familiar to the artist. Moving out of interiors to environments which can include landscape and streetscape, developing the relationship between public and private spaces which is a central theme in her practice.

Taking an imagined bird’s eye view of places allows Grainne to build up each canvas with a personally conceived colour scheme and composition. The fact that each painting was built up in a series of layers, through alterations, or over-painting, adds texture to the surface. Abstraction of the familiar is achieved through pattern, colour, and composition.

The work is subjective and intimate even though when it is broken down into an abstract, modernist, style it becomes removed and ambiguous. The work is deliberate, employing both traditional and innovative techniques. This exhibition of mostly small works is on in the Art Gallery of the Clew Bay Hotel Westport, from February 1 to February 28.


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