Still no GP for Bangor Erris

The HSE is struggling to recruit a GP for Bangor Erris.

The health authority revealed it did not receive a single applicant for the post when it was previously advertised but it is set to re-advertise the position in the coming fortnight.

People in Bangor Erris have been without a local GP for more than a week now.

A locum GP had been in place following the retirement of the permanent GP but that temporary placement came to an end on April 30.

The HSE said it has been unsuccessful so far in its efforts to recruit either a locum or a full-time GP.

“The post was previously advertised following the retirement of the permanent post holder but we failed to get any applicant,” said a HSE spokesperson. “It will be advertised for permanent filling again in the coming fortnight.

“The HSE has been taking every action possible to recruit a locum GP on a temporary basis to the Bangor Erris catchment area. To date the HSE has not been successful in recruiting a locum and continues to work with GPs in the area to seek a solution.”

Minister of State for Tourism and Sport, Michael Ring, said he is in continuous contact with the HSE on the issue.

“A full time GP is urgently required for Bangor Erris,” he said. “This is a widespread area with a large population and I am in continuous contact with the HSE on this matter. I understand that every effort is being made by the HSE to try to secure a full time GP for this post for the general Bangor Erris area.”

Belmullet based Sinn Féin councillor Rose Conway-Walsh said another temporary solution for Bangor Erris is not acceptable.

“The people of Bangor have had to live through the uncertainty of not having a permanent full time GP for several years now after a litany of obstacles. A permanent, trusted, reliable GP service is the central part of a community like Bangor,” she stated.

Cllr Conway-Walsh said a rural practice allowance must be sanctioned for the post to be advertised and filled as quickly as possible, and she called on An Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Minister for Health Leo Varadkar to intervene immediately to have the allowance approved.


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