O’Boyle to run in Mayo in general election

A prominent member of the Land League West, Gerry O’Boyle will be running in the Mayo constituency in next year’s general election.

O’Boyle was amongst a number of protesters who caused court proceedings relating to home repossessions at the Registrar’s Court to be shut down on two occasions on Monday.

O’Boyle told the Mayo Advertiser yesterday that “we will be stepping up our action over the next few months and I will be running in Mayo for the general election next year. We’re looking to give the people a voice, the people who aren’t being heard.”

Speaking about what happened last Monday, O’Boyle said “we’re genuine people who are only looking to try to help people out who are in a tough place. I was there acting for people who needed help and we weren’t allowed in. There were other people who weren’t involved with the protest who were also trying to get into their cases that were stopped from attending.”

O’Boyle went on to say that. “In fairness to Fintan Murphy (Registrar ) it’s a last resort for him to order a repossession, but there is only so much he can do.”

O’Boyle ran as an independent candidate in the recent Roscommon-South Leitrim bye-election where he received 82 first preference votes.


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