Hopes that next phase of Tubber Hill project will happen

The architects section of Mayo County Council is looking at the prospect of constructing additional units in Tubber Hill in Westport a meeting of the West Mayo Municipal District was told this week.

Senior staff officer for Mayo County Council, Padraig Brogan, told the meeting: “In Tubber Hill in the region of 20 units are being considered that will depend on the design and we are looking at the mix of units required and having an integrated development.”

Independent councillor Christy Hyland welcomed the news and saying: “I feel the Tubber Hill project would be shovel ready if [funding] comes.” Fianna Fáil councillor Brendan Mulroy said: “Tubber Hill, there is an expectation that houses will be built. In relation to the existing houses, there is a duty on this council to that area, the green area and a wall was supposed to be built there and even the parking situation needs to be addressed. We are talking about a very small green area that could be taken away and maybe another ten to 15 parking spaces can be created.

“If we are intending to put in houses in the second part of the estate it would be in our own interest to ensure that those in the first part of the estate are taken care of. There are parking issues, I know that no one has a right to parking, bar one car outside each house, but the situation when you are living in that area is a bit more complex than that.”

Cllr Hyland also added that he believed more and more social housing is going to be needed in the future, saying: “The situation has got serious with the banks, they have worked their way down from the millions and millions to the ordinary people and have got aggressive. They are now at Joe and Mary who are finding it difficult to pay and are in arrears and there is no sympathy from the bank. It’s just out on the street and repossess the house, and it’s going to our problem and will end up on our door.”


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