Council launches major crackdown on illegal dumping

Dumping by a minority of householders continues to 'blight the county'. Photo: Mayo County Council.

Dumping by a minority of householders continues to 'blight the county'. Photo: Mayo County Council.

Door to door inspections, covert cameras at dumping blackspots, and a free phone ‘litter line’ to encourage more people to report illegal dumping are all part of Mayo County Council’s major crackdown on fly-tipping in 2015.

Sharon Cameron, environment awareness officer with Mayo County Council, said this week that the dumping of waste by a minority of householders continues to ‘blight the county’.

As part of Mayo County Council’s multi-pronged approach to stamp out the practice once and for all, the authority’s litter wardens and enforcement officers will be carrying out more door-to-door inspections and householders will have to be able to prove they are disposing of waste correctly.

“Many householders are unaware that, by law, they have to keep receipts for waste disposal,” said Ms Cameron.

“If householders use the civic amenity sites to dispose of their waste they must keep a receipt for every visit.

“Those using a bin service must maintain receipts from their waste collector and those using bags must hold a till receipt for the purchase of bags.

“Tighter legislation is to be introduced in July of this year to further regulate waste services so now is the time for householders to get into the good habit of maintaining records for the disposal of their waste,” she added.

Those dumping waste will also be targeted through the use of CCTV cameras at dumping black spots and at problematic bottle banks.

Mayo County Council will also be cracking down on the burning of waste.

“Burning of waste as a means of disposal has a serious impact on the environment and is also an offence that will not be tolerated by Mayo County Council,” Ms Cameron pointed out.

She also urged the public to report cases of illegal dumping and burning to Mayo County Council using a free phone litter line on 1800 400256; by logging on to, or by emailing [email protected].


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