Householders urged to reduce Christmas food waste

Mayo County Council’s environment department is urging householders across the county to try to cut down on food waste this Christmas. “More food is thrown out during the festive season than at any other time of the year and buying too much can have a big impact on your pocket and the environment,” said a spokesperson for the authority’s environmental section.

“However, with a little forward planning and watching out for some of the key foods that are wasted, a lot of this food waste can be avoided.”

Mayo County Council has issued five key pieces of advice to help cut down on food waste.

“The best way to cut down on wasted food and money is to plan meals. Christmas can be a bit random but most of us have our traditions so get out the calendar and, where possible, plan out what you will be eating and how many people you will have to feed.

“Make a shopping list, but remember to check what items you already have in stock before leaving the house. Rather than filling your trolley with piles of vegetables and random bits and pieces, only buy the ingredients for the meals you will be cooking.

“Go against tradition. If there is something on the Christmas menu that nobody really likes or, which is quite likely, that no one has room for, why not leave it out this year?

“If you can, shop alone. Bringing children or hungry partners with you may be trouble. Random things will get lobbed into the trolley when you are not looking and by the end of it, you will not be full of that Christmas cheer.

“Don’t overstock on basics such as bread and milk. Supermarkets and local shops re-open very quickly after Christmas so there is no need to have that many extra supplies.”

Mayo County Council also advised householders to look at the 12 Days of Christmas Recipe Guide on, to make great use of Christmas leftovers.



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