‘Peak season’ for burglaries as evenings get darker

The Mayo garda division recorded 164 burglaries in the first six months of the year.

That is according to alarm company PhoneWatch, who are reminding people to be extra vigilant in protecting their homes from burglars during the longer, darker winter evenings, which they described as ‘peak season’ for the crime.

PhoneWatch said the Central Statistics Office (CSO ) reported 12,718 burglaries nationwide in the first six months of 2014.

Eoin Dunne, managing director with the company, said this is now peak season for burglaries as the cover of darkness provides added protection for the perpetrators.

“The darker evenings also make it easier for intruders to identify unoccupied homes,” he advised. “Though many break-ins are often opportunistic, the lead up to Christmas provides an added incentive for targeted home intrusions.”

He said a monitored house alarm could act as a “significant deterrant for burglars”.

He also reminded home owners to take simple precautions such as fitting the outside of their home with sensor lights, fitting locks to exterior doors and windows, making a home appear occupied when owners are out by fitting timers to lights and radios, and never leaving a key hidden in the garden as burglars usually know where to look.

He also advised homeowners to join a neighbourhood watch scheme.



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