Larry Hingerton, an inspiration for Operation Transportation

The walking man: Operation Transportation participant Larry Hingerton and members of the Westport Town Band.

The walking man: Operation Transportation participant Larry Hingerton and members of the Westport Town Band.

Westport Smarter Travel’s Operation Transportation finished last Friday, October 24. The Westport Smarter Travel team is now compiling the results and Westport’s Smartest Travel Community Group will be announced in the coming weeks. A total of 18 community groups took part with lots of members choosing smarter travel for the five week period. One community group member who must be given a special mention for his dedication to smarter travel is Larry Hingerton, a member of Westport Town Band, and although he is 85 he chooses to walk to Mass from the Quay every day.

Larry said, “I used to drive everywhere, I would just automatically jump in the car and never thought of any other way of travelling. However, a few years ago with all the talk of Westport Smarter Travel, I realised that there are other ways to travel. I used to drive from the Quay to Mass every morning but for about the last few years I have started walking to Mass every day. It only takes 15 minutes and although it’s over Quay hill, it now needs to be a really bad day before I will get in the car, I just bring my umbrella, I’ve only driven to Mass once or twice this year!

“Walking to Mass has really improved my health, it has helped strengthen my nerves, I don’t seize up and I am still able to play golf. It also saves money on fuel and I have less maintenance to pay on the car, especially as the short town journeys are the ones that are hardest on the car and of course, it’s better for the environment. I would love to walk to band practice but my trombone and its case are too heavy, but maybe I’ll invest in a lighter cloth case so that I’ll be able to walk in the future. My father used to say to walk yourself into old age so I’m following his advice and really enjoying it!”

If you choose smarter travel Westport Smarter Travel would love to hear your story. Whether you are a recent convert or have been walking, cycling, car-pooling or using public transport for years we would be delighted if you would share your story. Send you story to [email protected] or by post to Westport Smarter Travel, Westport Civic Office, Altamount St, Westport.


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