Tommy O’Donnell trust looks for help

Tommy O’Donnell.

Tommy O’Donnell.

Tommy O’Donnell is a three-year-old boy from Belmullet who suffers with lissencephaly. This means that for his short life he will remain with the physical and mental ability of a five month old baby. He requires 24-hour care due to daily seizures which could be fatal for Tommy. A trust has been set up to provide assistance for his family, as an extension and equipment for his home is required so Tommy can be cared for at home. Tommy’s family had arranged finance to pay for this, but Tommy’s dad was diagnosed with carcenoid cancer which began in his bowel and has spread to his liver, lung, and bones.

Tommy has three sisters aged five months, eight, and 12, and Tommy’s dad Dennis can no longer provide for his family due to his illness. They are struggling to pay medical and travel bills in connection with Tommy’s condition and Dennis’ illness as the nearest hospital to the family home is a 100-mile round trip. They are also at risk of losing their home due to being unable to meet mortgage payments. A committee has been formed to raise money for the extension and to assist the family with living expenses.

To find more information follow them on Facebook at The Tommy O’Donnell Trust or @tommyodtrust on twitter. The trust is looking for participants to take part in a 10km road race in Balla on July 26 or to make a donation


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