Kamal Uddin (Independent -Castlebar)

Kamal Uddin (Independent -Castlebar)

Kamal Uddin (Independent -Castlebar)

(1 ) Why are you running? I’m a new face, with new talent, I’m hard working. I will try to do things different from the others who are there already.

(2 ) What's the big issue in your area? Job creation is a big topic and I’m campaigning for more industry in Castlebar. We need to work harder to ensure that small shops and business can survive and grow in Castlebar. We need to put in more facilities to attract people to come to visit the town.

(3 ) Describe yourself in three words? Hard working, determined and new voice.

(4 ) What person do you admire the most? My boss, Joe Corcoran, even during the times of rescission and hardship he has contented to create jobs and grow his business and bring money in to the local economy. He’s a great person whose been very good to me since I came to Ireland first.

(5 ) Can local councillors make a difference? Yes they can, otherwise I would not be running. For businesses they face a number of problems like the high cost of rates and car parking charges and these are two things that a councillor can have a direct effect on to help the business people in the town. We also need to see more attractions developed in the town to get people to come to Castlebar and visit the town and spend money here. They are simple things really.

(6 ) If you could only get one project done in your area in the next few years, what is it? I would like see the council get behind putting on a major event regularly throughout the year. These events will bring people to the town and get them spending money and give the locals something to look forward to that they can enjoy and show off the town in it’s best light. Events like this don’t have to cost a fortune and will be a big boost to everyone in the town.

(7 ) What do you enjoy the most about politics? I like getting out there and meeting the people on the streets and on the doors and listening to them. By meeting the people you understand their problems and you can go from there to try and help them.

(8 ) What might people not know about you? I’ve been in Mayo for the last 14 years, I’ve worked all over the county since I’ve been here and have been an Irish citizen for more than a decade.

(9 ) What are you expecting to hear on the doorsteps? I’m hoping that people welcome me to their doors and like to see a new face trying to do the best they can for the people in the town and for our wider society.

(10 ) Will Mayo ever win the All Ireland? The boys are very good and they’ll win it one day, I’ve no doubt at all.


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