History Channel making documentary on healer Danny Gallagher

The History Channel is to broadcast a documentary about well-known seventh son of a seventh son healer, Danny Gallagher, to a global audience later this year.

Mr Gallagher, from Maghera, Derry, regularly holds clinics in the west of Ireland.

Although he does not describe himself as a healer or claim curative results, he has been making headlines for many years, both at home and abroad, for his apparent miraculous healing gift.

One of Mr Gallagher’s most famous cures attracted huge international media attention in 1976 when a 40-year-old housewife from Birmingham, Jean Pritchett, appeared to be cured of blindness caused by retinitis pigmentosa, from which she had suffered for 22 years.

Her story caused an immediate sensation and attracted front page coverage. Not surprisingly, the medical profession was immediately critical, with one doctor expressing the opinion that Mrs Pritchett had suffered from a case of hysterical blindness, which was probably brought on by auto-suggestion. However another specialist argued that her eyes were correctly diagnosed and added that Mrs Pritchett was blind and now could see.

The Pritchett case was followed a month later by the equally remarkable story of Kathleen Bailey from Dawley, near Shrewsbury. Mrs Bailey, a 29 year-old mother of three, had been confined to a wheelchair with spinal degeneration after an injury at work 11 years earlier. The condition did not respond to medical treatment and grew progressively worse. After friends and relatives persuaded Mrs Bailey to meet Danny Gallagher at his clinic in Birmingham, she was photographed walking unaided, in pictures which appeared in local and national newspapers.

Since then Danny Gallagher has been in constant demand all over the world and has featured on television and radio internationally.

See www.danny-gallagher.com for more information. Telephone (028 ) 796 42660 or (048 ) 796 42660 or email [email protected].



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