New supplement shown to tackle digestive problems

A new daily food supplement, which has been shown to help tackle digestive problems such as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome ), bloating and gas, has become available for the first time in Ireland.

Some 30 per cent of people are believed to be affected by digestive discomfort and the problem most affects women between the ages of 25 and 55. Research has shown severe and long term digestive problems are responsible for a significant number of absences from work – in some cases up to 21 days a year.  

The new supplement, Alflorex, contains a special, patented culture, precision biotic B infantis 35624, which was first discovered in Cork.

In clinical studies, the culture has been shown to improve a whole range of digestive problems including abdominal pain, bloating or distension, and trapped wind or passage of gas.

In 2005, Cork based company Alimentary Health,  licensed  B infantis 35624 to Procter & Gamble (P&G ) and  it was marketed under the name Aling and used widely in the US and Canada.

Align is now the number one gastroenterologist-recommended probiotic product in the US and is fully indicated for IBS in Canada.

Users take one capsule, once daily, with or without food and are advised to continue use for at least four weeks and after for best results, as part of a good lifestyle.

Alflorex - or ALF - is available over the counter from leading pharmacies nationwide, and should cost about €32.95 for one month’s supply of the daily capsule.

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Aflorex is available from MacAuliffes pharmacy, Station Road, Castlebar. Telephone (094 ) 9025995.


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