New series of exhibitions in the Custom House

Custom House Studios is presenting an exhibition of paintings Excerpts from the Art and Extinction Series by Diarmuid Delargy. The exhibition will be formally opened by author Eoin McNamee at the Custom House Studios Gallery, Westport Quay,  on  Friday April 11 at 7.30pm.

Delargy works mainly, although by no means exclusively, through the medium of oil paint. For him oil paint still offers a range of possibilities not found in other media. For this artist the best paintings are oil paintings, and the best painters in the world are oil painters. He has been a  full-time practising painter and printmaker for the past 30 years and exhibited widely both nationally and internationally including Las Vegas, New York, San Francisco, Paris, and Berlin.

This weekend is the last chance for you to catch both Stefan Luszczak’s and John Cullen’s exhibitions which will come to an end on this Sunday, April 6.  Luszczak’s work concerns the landscapes of south Mayo through print and paint.

John Cullen’s paintings are based on aerial images, some of which come from the US drone attacks in the Middle East. However, instead of the normally grey grainy colours associated with hi-tech electronic warfare, that serve to sanitise the reality of these missile attacks, he has chosen some vibrant colours emanating in these countries and juxtaposed them against the greys and muddy hues of desert/arid landscapes


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