American wrestling mania to hit Castlebar

The American Killdozer is coming to Breaffy.

The American Killdozer is coming to Breaffy.

Stars of American wrestling will invade Castlebar when the powerhouses of Emerald Wrestling Promotions stamp their mark all over the Breaffy House Arena on Saturday, April 5, at 7.30 pm.

In a night of guaranteed non-stop action, those in attendance will witness the incredible power of heavyweight gladiators and the athleticism of their high-flying cruiserweight counterparts.

One wrestler who will be hitting the Breaffy House Arena is the American Killdozer. The muscle packed, chain-yielding, roughhouse is an American native, who provides an intimidating battle for any challenger.

The American Killdozer is renowned for his short-fuse temper and loves to take out his frustrations in the professional wrestling ring, where he can unleash his power and aggression.

Over the last three years Killdozer has dominated opponents and impressed fans in attendance. From the minute his heavy metal music hits, he pounds his way to the ring swinging his trusty steel chain in the air with regard for nobody and nothing.

He has publicly announced in several interviews that he has only one vision for his career - to make it to the top in his home country of the USA and whoever stands in his path to success will be steamrolled.

Currently finishing a two-month tour of the UK, the Killdozer is taking on all comers in preparation for his first appearance in Castlebar. Will Killdozer live up to his confident comments? All will be answered when the American collides with Irish powerhouse Dave O’Hehir in a battle which is sure to have the Breaffy House Arena rocking on April 5.

After a jam-packed night of exciting matches, fans in attendance will have the opportunity to meet all the wrestlers and collect autographs and pictures, with the show having a family-friendly theme.

Tickets for this American wrestling event are €12 and can be purchased now at or phone 0818 719300.

Tickets can also be purchased at the reception desk of Breaffy House Hotel.


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