CIF briefing on new building regulations

Mayo construction companies and sole traders have been invited to attend a free briefing on the new building regulations and the construction register. The briefing is being organised by the Construction Industry Federation (CIF ) and will take place in the Pillo Hotel, Galway, at 9am on Wednesday next, March 12 . Members and non members of the CIF are invited to attend.

The new building regulations took effect from March 1 and this has generated a lot of discussion and interest throughout the construction industry. There has also been a lot of confusion about how these regulations will impact on local construction companies and sole traders in Mayo and in the rest of the country. The CIF briefing aims to provide clear details on the building regulations and how they will impact the sector locally.

Information will also be provided on the new register for the construction industry. Construction Industry Register Ireland (CIRI ) is being set up to help distinguish competent, experienced, construction companies from those which have given the ind----ustry a bad name. Under the new building regulations anyone listed on CIRI will be deemed a competent builder and this has generated a lot of interest among those involved in the construction industry. The CIF briefing will provide construction companies, sole traders, and builders with details on how CIRI works, why it has been set up, and how they join the register.

Speaking about the briefings, CIF director general Tom Parlon said, “This briefing is aimed at providing useful information to construction companies and sole traders in Mayo. Undoubtedly the new building regulations and the CIRI register will have implications for everyone involved in the construction industry in Mayo and all around the country, so we want to help ensure those in the industry are kept informed. There seems to be a lot of confusion about the CIRI construction register and the new building regulations, so we hope this briefing will help clear up some of those misconceptions. We’ll be outlining clear, easy to follow information about the regulations and CIRI, how they will operate, and what changes they will mean for construction companies and sole traders.” Attendance at the briefing is free, however all those interested in attending are asked to register in advance by contacting Brid Cody on [email protected] or by calling 021 4351410.


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