No need for fluoride in water, says local councillor

The public are being unnecessarily medicated with fluoride against their will, according to a local councillor.

In a motion set to be discussed at a meeting of the town council this week, Sinn Féin's Therese Ruane is calling for an end to the fluoridation of water.

She says the practice, which started in 1964 to stop tooth decay, is a crude way of medicating the public with fluoride.

She said there are studies which indicate there may be a link between fluoride and central nervous system disturbance, increased risk of Alzheimer’s and osteoarthritis.

“The truth is we receive enough fluoride in our tooth paste,” said Cllr Ruane.

"This is an issue of public health  and I am very hopeful of the support of my colleagues on Castlebar Town Council when I propose that we put pressure on the Minister for the Environment, Phil Hogan, to end this outdated medication of the public with fluoride against their will.”


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