Government blocks Fianna Fáil proposals to revive town centres — Calleary

Mayo Deputy Dara Calleary has hit out at the Government for blocking Fianna Fáil proposals to revitalise struggling town centres in Mayo and across the country.

The Fianna Fáil Bill, which was debated in the Dáil on Friday, proposed the establishment of a town team in each local authority to implement a town revitalisation plan. It is part of a wider Fianna Fáil strategy, which sets out a bold new vision on reviving town centres and supporting local businesses across the west of Ireland. Fine Gael and Labour said they would not be supporting it.

Deputy Calleary explained: “The sad reality is that many of our town centres in Mayo and across the west are under threat. Crippling rents, unsustainable commercial rates, and the continued credit crisis are strangling local businesses and forcing many to lay off staff or shut down altogether. Meanwhile, high parking charges, large shopping centres on the outskirts, and the cuts to local services and amenities can often keep people away from the traditional town centres.

“Radical action is needed to revitalise our local towns and encourage people back into the town centre. That’s what the Bill debated in the Dáil last week was about. It seeks to establish a town team in each local authority to oversee ambitious revitalisation plans.”

Deputy Calleary concluded by saying: “Towns across Mayo have lost many local services and amenities recently, including local Garda stations, bank branches, libraries, and local shops. Now, small schools and post offices are also under threat. We need to start supporting our local towns, instead of just undermining them.”


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