Submissions on new waste management plan open until December

The public have until Thursday December 19 to make submissions on the new regional waste management plan that is being put together following the reconfiguration of the country into three different regions. Mayo is part of the Connacht Ulster region, and Mayo County Council has been appointed as the lead local authority for the region, with Kevin Swift about to be appointed to the role of co-ordinator for the region. He will be based from an office in Castlebar. At the October meting of the Environmental Policy and Agricultural Strategic Policy Committee of Mayo County Council, the members of the committee were given a brief update on the progress of this plan.

Chairperson of the committee Cllr Peter Flynn asked if there was going to be anything that would be dramatically different in this plan from the one that is currently in place. Director of services Martin Keating told the meeting that the increasing of reduction and reuse of waste idea will be key parts of the programme. He also said that the plan will have to reflect the changing business nature of waste management such as the exporting of waste and the desire of local authorities to invest in upgrading the current waste collection infrastructure.

Those who wish to make a submission on the new plan can contact the relevant office at [email protected]



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